The Spirit of Celebration

Family and friends gather to share past memories and to create new ones. As the sounds of clinking glass, kombaii! and laughter fill the air, Negai brings the spirit of celebration to every event. Savor Negai’s delicately crafted Nigiri paired with bold flavors of truffle soy or lychee coconut. Relish in Negai’s Tuna Tarte Curry Aeoli with a crunch crispy wantons. Negai’s creations are fresh, bold and timeless, but always catered the desires of your event. We invite you to let Negai bring the spirit of celebration to make your event an unforgettable one.

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We Bring the Sushi Bar to You

Add style and flair to any event by having your very own sushi chefs. Negai Sushi is a premier catering service in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area that provides a one of a kind sushi experience that will leave you wanting more! We bring the sushi bar to you! Have your guests delight in the sushi made on the spot by your own personal sushi chefs. Chef Johnny works with you to create your own customized menu. Negai will make your event unlike any other!

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Chef Johnny has over 8 years experience with the art of sushi. He has traveled around picking up new techniques and honing his skills working in NYC under 3 Michelin chef Masa Takayama  at Kappo Masa and Chef Seki at Sushi Seki.  Chef Johnny also has traveled to Iceland where he helped open Nord Astur Sushi in Seydisforour.

Taste and Diversity

From traditional to modern Japanese cuisine, Negai commits to creating a menu especially for you and your guests. Chef Johnny uses only the freshest fish and ingredients to create dishes with rich and delicate flavors.


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